When We Were Very Young: Remembering our Past
"A smile can hide an ugly that would frighten the bravest soldier. And a memory to freeze your soul!"


A #WRITCO Collaboration







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the Warrior

the Survivor

the Hero

the Learned

the Experienced

the Brave

the Soul

the Redeemed

the Tried

the Saved

the Wanted

the Loved

the Young

the Pillar


Teen Me

Naive and young
Never been kissed
I fell head over heels
But my emotions made me feel quite dumb
School was cool but not for me
I was the anti social human
Was the left one out
Books were my friend
My words on paper til the very end
School was life but now I'm gone
I'll miss you my home
Until you are no longer alone


I started up young and naive
Due to so many emotions,
Physical, sexual, psychological and discriminatory abuse.
My growing up was traumatic.
My mum was solely responsible for our upbringing.
She tried her best.
I even had to hawk to help out
I had to put all my effort into my studies.
But in all God saw me through and He is still in charge today.


Victimized and Sodomized,
Criticized and Itemized.
I was never human only a number,
Never growing, getting dumber.
Institutionalized so that I would forget,
But my butt, mind and heart would not let it.
I know who defiled me then denied me,
And trust me he's no gent and she ain't no lady.
There were good times too I will admit,
But like ice cream and cake on top of a pile of shit,
You still smell it.

Would you still eat it?

Neither would I.


Back to the teen years
Sending me back to my young time
I started growing and facing up my study
Thou is not happy to remember all the pain I went through
But I created and always standout to make mummy proud
Every time I study at night and read and break up the limit
I really like my mom he really tried her best and my adopted dad
I love you both


I remembered my teenage day's
When all that mattered was my education,
I wanted to make my mother proud by going to school abroad,
Because of the hardship in Nigeria.
Though schooling abroad didn't work out, I still made mom proud.

In my teenage days I learnt to love God more and live according to his will I made mistakes, learnt from those mistakes and moved on.
I was very naive, really didn't know much,but I thank God I know better.


The fast escape,**the teenage years*

Those memories, those ones you forgot.

Sex and Forget-Me-Nots

From the blacker nights

The crying

Friends fight for the bigger half
Like kids and candy bars

The fucking high
The sugar rush

Laugh at the meth heads
They’re not on what you’re on

Take the bus from the shelter,

Call home,

Stalk behind a rapists door
The one that raped our friend

Past the smoke dome,
the cops only care to expel the burnouts
Like our friend

The ones who live to please

We did our best,
and most of us are dead or didn’t leave


Wisps of layered skin removed

To aid these little ones the onlooker is behooved

Firstly and ghastly the query is posed

Why such a circumstance occurred and the flesh disposed

Young lives are torn about by worldly hate

That we all are guilty somehow is not for debate

Adults are the trailblazers whether pleasant or not

Yet to remain good role models is an ideal we indeed forgot

Ghosts left for the graveside beds lain for our children and youth

Makes us all vile disgusting and quite uncouth

Take on the mantle of yearning to improve our earth

And yes even though the trials remain the young at heart will live lives with worth

Oh, to those teenage years, back where it all began,
The memories flood back, like a river through my mind,
The innocence, the laughter, the tears, the pain,
The struggles, the triumphs, the moments undefined.

I recall the first love, the heartbreak that ensued,
The friendships forged, then broken, like fragile glass,
The dreams that seemed so close, yet slipped away,
The uncertainties, the fears, the doubts that came to pass.

I walked a tightrope, balancing on the edge,
Between childhood and adulthood, unsure of where to tread,
I stumbled and I fell, but I got back up again,
I learned to navigate the storms that raged inside my head.

I made mistakes, oh so many, but I learned from each one,
I grew stronger, more resilient, with each battle fought and won,
I discovered who I was, and who I wanted to become,
I found my voice, my purpose, my place under the sun.

Oh, to those teenage years, where I first began to see,
The beauty and the chaos that make up life's grand tapestry,
I am grateful for the joy it has brought to me,
The wisdom instilled inside my brain -
But why did the journey have to have all the fucken' pain.
For the lessons learned I could have done without,
they have made me who I am, and brought me to this day,
A crucified soul, infused with lucid dreams.


Back to the Teen Years
Remember when you were a teen,
The days were so carefree
You thought you knew it all,
With life ahead to see.
No worries, no bills to pay,
Just fun with friends all day.
Life was full of possibilities,
No cares to get in the way.
Now as an adult, you look back,
And those days seem so sweet.
You'd give anything to relive them,
If only just for a week.
To go back to the teen years,
When life was just a dream.
But even though those days


Back to the teen years,
When acne and zits were our fears,
Shopping for clothes and new hairdos,
From thrift stores and bargain-bin shoes.
Dating and gossip, crushes and cliques,
It was all so important, each little fix.
But time moves on, and we all grow,
Away from the angst, from the turmoil we know.
Looking back now, it seems like such a blur,
Those teen years we had, now a nostalgic blur.


Back to the teens years,
In the teens, we roamed carefree, chasing dreams under the sun's golden gleam. Laughter echoed, hearts intertwined, in a dance of innocence, memories enshrined. A tapestry of youth, woven with laughter and tears, those days of wonder, echoing through the years. Oh, the tales we could tell, of love's first blush and friendships that swell. So here's to the teens, where we learned and we grew, those days of magic, forever true.


Back to the teen years,
When the days were so clear,
The worries of life,
Felt out of sight,
But now as we age,
The memories are so sage,
Reminds us of fun,
Of being young.


Back to the teen years,
When hormones reigned supreme,
When life was awkward,
And every day was a dream.
We thought we knew it all,
We thought we had the world,
But looking back now,
We see we were just kids, so unwise and so very bold.
We thought we were invincible,
Immune to pain and hurt,
But life taught us lessons,
That made us question our worth.
As we grew, we learned,
That life was not so simple,
That all our hopes and dreams,
Would need hard work and struggle.


Let's go back to my teenage years
Before I lost my innocence back when I thought being a good person gets you loved, guess I was wrong
Before that girl broke my heart and turned me into a beast, shed every tears in my eyes now it's hard to love again
Let's go back to my teenage years, when mama told me to be careful of unfriendly friends, that was before I was stabbed in the back and betrayed by friends
Before I smoked weed and did drugs, back when I had no bills to pay no worries nor anxiety, no fears or limitations
I wish I slowed down a bit, I wish I didn't do a lot of things I did but most importantly I wish I didn't neglect the things I should've done.

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© Ashley
© I Am MichAel

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