Unspoken Declaration
In shadows deep, where secrets dwell,
A silent heart begins to swell.
Unspoken words, a love concealed,
A tender truth that’s unrevealed.

From distant shores, my gaze does find
Your fleeting smile, a soul entwined.
Yet, bound by fears, I dare not speak,
For silence holds what love must seek.

You wander close, yet worlds away,
With others who lead hearts astray.
I watch in pain, a hidden sigh,
As tears form in a lover’s eye.

In quiet nights, my heart confides,
A fervent wish that love abides.
But courage wanes, my voice subdued,
By hope and dread, in solitude.

Though love from far, I silently yearn,
And see you lost, to them you turn.
I bear the weight of love’s refrain,
A silent sufferer’s sweet pain.

For in the depths of shadowed light,
I guard my heart, alone each night.
Yet still, I dream of moments shared,
Where whispered love is finally dared.

But till that day, I’ll stand afar,
A silent witness, your guiding star.
And though it breaks this heart of mine,
I’ll love you still, in secret’s shrine.


© sionx