The Solice of the Seas
She cast her eyes on choppy seas,
Whilst deep in contemplation,
Thought rolled through, just like the waves,
Of her wandering imagination.
She found her solice by the sea,
It calmed and soothed her soul,
Away from lifes shattered debris,
That sometimes took its toll.
The definition of an introvert,
The sea it claimed her mind,
Here, her mind would entangle,
Thoughts which held her in a bind.
She fell in love with the sound of waves,
And the whistling of the air,
Her mind became a wanderlust,
In times of deep despair.
She needed time to be alone,
Which embracing natures plight,
She'd dream of simple solitude,
Where she slipped out of sight.
She cast her eyes on choppy seas,
Where her mind could silently rebel,
Each wave would captivate her,
As she watched each break and swell.

© Violet Serenity