Symphony of moments
In life's grand dance, we find our way,
Through twilight's haze and dawn's first ray.
Each step we take, a story told,
In joys embraced, in sorrows bold.

With every breath, a tale unfurls,
Of laughter shared and tears that swirl.
In fleeting moments, memories gleam,
Like stars that shimmer in night's dream.

Through paths unknown, we journey on,
With hope as guide, and love our song.
For in life's tapestry, we find our art,
A masterpiece stitched from every heart.

In the quiet whispers of the breeze,
We hear the echoes of centuries.
The sun will rise, the moon will wane,
Yet in our souls, life's fire remains.

Though storms may rage and shadows loom,
We rise anew, dispelling gloom.
For in the depths of darkest night,
We find the strength to seek the light.

So let us cherish each passing day,
In love and kindness, come what may.
For life, a gift, so precious and rare,
A symphony of moments, beyond compare.

In the gentle cadence of a heartfelt sigh,
We glimpse the secrets that time can't deny.
Through laughter's echo and sorrow's embrace,
We navigate this ever-changing space.

With every heartbeat, a rhythm unfurls,
A melody written in the dance of worlds.
In the tapestry of life, we each play our part,
Threads intertwined, a masterpiece of art.

So let us savor the sweetness of now,
For time is fleeting, as fate will allow.
In life's grand journey, let us find our grace,
And leave behind a legacy, a lasting embrace.

© jeon sora