Wilted Promises
Through verses spun in love's delicate thread,
Declarations sweet, like promises unsaid.
Yet pretty lies, woven into the art,
Deceptive words that tear apart.

In unity, we vowed to stand the test,
No falsehoods whispered, just truth confessed.
Should pain emerge, we'd endure the strife,
An intertwining dance, the tapestry of life.

But promises, like echoes, fade away,
Memories dim, colors turned to gray.
Yet your essence, a ghostly symphony,
Resides within, haunting the tapestry.

The heart's fractured song, a melancholy tune,
Still echoes the promises, like a fading moon.
In the remnants of vows, love's ember glows,
A bittersweet melody, where the heartache flows.
© _gottaloveruhii