In the quiet depths of the forest,
Where shadows dance with the light,
There lies a place of mystery,
Known as Oubaitori.

Whispers in the wind,
Echoes of stories untold,
Secrets woven into the trees,
Legends of the old.

The river sings a haunting tune,
As it winds its way through the land,
Carrying tales of ancient times,
In its gentle, steady hand.

The creatures of the night,
Keep their watchful eyes,
As the moon rises high,
And the stars light up the skies.

Oubaitori, a place of enchantment,
Where magic and reality intertwine,
A sanctuary for the weary soul,
A refuge for the mind.

If you ever find yourself,
Lost in the woods one d
Listen closely to the whispers,
let Oubaitori show you the way.

Glossary- oubaitori
The japanese idea that people, like flowers, bloom in their own time and in their individual ways.