I want nothing but frequent walks down that road engulfed in silence,
light is there somewhere absolutely and to it I shall pierce this gloom so dense.
These crevices and fade leaves are majestic tools for sure,
I have been walking and still wish to continue so of it I can desire more.
Even breathing in this oneness has become addictive,
a few steps so far and I have lived than I ever did.
A myriad of compositions the musicians have crafted but the greatest melody remains the flute of emptiness,
a moment with myself I needed and not any intricate skilfulness.
Amongst those trees laden with blossoms, even a leafless one seems charming,
beauty can happen to be, without swarming.
And a barefoot saunter along a damp stretch formed me all at once,
then the dusk knocked and I lied down to watch those rousing glimmers.

© Swarnim Anand