Dance Under the Moonlight
Every moonlit night, I'd think of you,
And wonder if you'd dare to
Even think of me from afar,
While gazing at the morning star.

We used to chat or call
Across the miles when night would fall,
And when morning light touched my face,
The ending would always feel like a cold embrace.

You'd give me butterflies for a few weeks,
Then ghost me when I reached my peaks.
Tell me, was it fun to see me turn weak
Every time you'd leave me to overthink?

Don't you know how cruel it is to disappear
And return again, as if you're sincere,
Leaving me in temporary insanity,
Only to come back to please your vanity?

I'm tired of this sick game,
Your hot and cold trick, always the same.
I'm not some toy for you to play,
And I'm not a hotel for your casual stay.

So I say f—ck you a million times, sincerely,
For telling me you wanted me but we could never be.
I used to ask myself why it couldn't be me,
But now I see you're just keeping me selfishly.

So goodbye, morning star.
I hope we never meet,
Not in this life,
Nor in the next one.

© sionx