For Him
How can you love me when you don't know you are,
How can you care for me when you're still deeply scarred?

I talk and I talk but I feel like a reflection,
I'm talking to a ghost of love misdirection.

I see so much in you that you purposly ignore,
I try so hard to show you that I can barely take anymore.

Don't doubt my love for that will ALWAYS be true,
I think it time to truly love and say that we're threw.

It hard to let go I don't know if I can,
but I'm scared there's no future in our little plan.

Every step we take is a beautiful place,
then we miss a step and we fall back a pace.

You cant stay stuck in the content distractions,
we will never find peace in our satisfactions.

I need you to find who you really are,
to really love yourself and not from your scars.

In loving yourself you can love others too,
without being stuck and love her how she loves you.
© TinkDream