Betwixt the body bound to flesh
That which was once me
I see a coffin of life, death and insecurities
Kill me, end me
Take away this damnation of disease

Burn my flesh and make me whole
Rid me of the cage I am trapped within
Let me lay beneath the ground
My legs are about to fucking fold

Good Lord, keep me in your graces
I think I'm about to fall
Born to live, born to love
Bound to die, born to cry

Caged in flesh, burn me to death
I wish not to live like this
Caged in ridiculed hate and sorrow
Please, I fucking beg of you
Do not let me awaken tomorrow

Let me dwell in darkness
My cell that which was built from me
My own soul and heart
Are my deepest and most hurtful enemies
I wish them death
Because they made me human
Why the fuck do I suffer still

In between a shell of life
And a cage built for death
Was I made to suffer
Or live in Hell
In this insecure cage I dwell

Afraid to see the light
For it might deepen my fear
I hate the words of hope
I hate everything I see and hear

Make it go away
Let it be washed away
I wish for a new day
Take me away from this place

Insecure little devilish place
I wish for Hell
But you give me peace
What have you done to me

I dwell in a coffin of flesh and bone
Where I have dwelled in misery
And I will forever live in darkness
I have seen the light, I wish it away
I want it to die, take it all away

Good Lord, please show some fucking mercy
I know you hate me, but I live in misery
I wish not to live like this anymore
I am of your darkest children
A worthless soldier
Please end me and this

I dwell in a masterpiece coffin
My godless anarchy
My infinite doom
Lord, I beg this and only this of you
If you show mercy
Show mercy and end me

The cell that which was built from my soul
It is broken to pieces and the cracks have taken their toll
Lord above, show, that which is your child, love
I beg this of you
Not that I live
But that you end me
And my endless misery

© HenryKibermeschvask