Gone Days
What happened? What am I doing here?
What once was a place filled with smiles, you only hear cries every once in a while
I used to be proud of this town, a happy look on my face
Now look, everything's shattered and grey
I can't stand here without shedding a tear
I'd never thought my town would be seen with such fear
My home, my friends, my family torn apart
So I must leave, a strong pain in my chest
Leave the memories, leave the toys
Leave the happiness, leave the joy
Joy? I haven't seen her face ever since the disaster
She was mostly associated with Cheer and Laughter
The moments of my childhood are gone
Even though my heart is breaking, I have to move on
I say goodbye to the ones that remained
I waved to the ones who wanted to stay
I sobbed to the ones that I couldn't save
The remainder of my things tied in a sack
I am now leaving, a heavy weight on my back
I now remember nothing of the gone days of the past
© PheonixPierce