I ink my love for you on it 💌
Write me notes,
I will review them for you
again and again on rainy days,
those days when I’m stuck
in my one window room.

And after traveling
when I will be lethargic enough
to make a move and I’ll sit and review them
for you while playing Lana in the background
through my worn out headphones.

I'll make replies in my head on loop
which I will end up forgetting
cause I won't write it down.
I wonder the paper might burn itself
as I ink my love for you on it.

I realized I was romanticing your actions
what you could have done, could have been.
I need to get notes to review
and to write back one.
But in order to do so,
you need to send me one.

© ink_of_K

#Love&love #You #iloveyou