Stewards Of The Land
The world is crying, listen well
The Earth is calling us to quell
The damage that we've done in stride
To heal the wounds, that we've applied

We take and take, but don't give back
We ignore the signs, we turn our back
The rivers dry, the forests burn
The air is thick, the oceans churn

We need to act, we need to care
The Earth is asking us to share
The burden of our selfish ways
And find a better path to blaze

Let's plant the seeds, let's grow the trees
Let's clean the air, and stop the seas
From being used as a dumping ground
And let the beauty of Earth resound

We have the power, we have the choice
To change the world with a single voice
So let's unite, and take a stand
And heal the Earth, hand in hand

For we are the stewards of this land
And it's up to us to take a stand
So let's rise up, and let our worth
Be measured by our call to Earth

© Japheth