She remembers
She wakes up slowly
Her own darkness surrounding her
She lays there in a pool of her own pain
The pain she is unable to let go of
It’s always stuck there
Stuck in her heart till she lets go
Those voices in her head
They help her to remember
They make sure she knows
They make sure she feels
Every second
Every touch
Every word
Everything that he did to her that night
She remembers his cold hands
She remembers his soft voice
She remembers the feelings he made her feel
She remembers the thoughts she had
The thoughts that started that night
And the thoughts she has yet been able to forget
She remembers crying for days
Weeks even
She remembers telling the ones she loved
She also remembers them brushing her off
She remembers every uncomfortable moment
Weather it was the rest of that night
Being able to hear the man who touched her
Just sleeping soundly under her
Or weather it was the next morning
Waking up slowly
Her own darkness surrounding her
Her thoughts overwhelming her when she see no one
When she remembers that night
As if the nightmare had just ended
Or when she remembers the police
Remembering sitting in the car for a hour before leaving
Then remembering sitting in a room at the station for hours
When no one talked to her for hours
She had no one
She was left alone to her own thoughts
She rewrites her meaning of sex thousands of times
She thinks of what rape is
She is so unwilling to accept it
She begins to lose her ability to speak
She loses the ability to talk to her family
She loses the ability to look them in the eyes
For they just stood there
Watching evil kill their daughter
Watching their son kill their little girl
As she now forever feels his hands upon her
Defiling her over and over again
Stuck in her nightmares

~ Liam.V.

© All Rights Reserved