114:7.6 Urantia mortals should not allow the comparative spiritual isolation of their world from certain of the local universe circuits to produce a feeling of cosmic desertion or planetary orphanage. There is operative on the planet a very definite and effective superhuman supervision of world affairs and human destinies.
Another hot one, and it’s dry.
Some plants will wilt before they die.
Wilting plants may still have flowers.
They give themselves to all that follows.

Sunflowers with seeds, a harvest crop
They flower indeed, with all they’ve got.
Combines will harvest all their seed.
Seed gets stored to suit our needs.

Growing crops, a farmer’s wish
But weather change can cause anguish.
A change in patterns can cause dry.
Weather can cause plants to die.

A plant that dies of drought can still
Produce some seed, in fact, most will.
Seeds produced outlast the drought.
When times are right, then most will sprout.

Outlasting bedtimes that beset us.
Endurance through the halls of crisis.
The seeds of faith create our hopes.
They sprout within, whene’re we cope.

So, cope with what you must today.
Find faith upon all your byways.
It exists within your mind.
It comes from something that’s Divine.

Thank You, Father, hopes won’t die!
Hope is a dream we wish to try!
I have faith that with our hope
We travel on a path that copes.
Paul Anderson

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