trigger warning -Snow
you're doing it again
why can't you just breathe in the oxygen
why can't you just fall in love with a different sin.
Blowing snow through dollar bills is your medicine of choice,
I just wish for a second you would listen to my voice,
you have a family, you have a baby, almost had wife now she's gone,
Just got a second why can't you listen everything you do is fucked and wrong.
Get a fucking job, support you kid, get a house and a car, so your baby can be proud of the father you are.
stop doing toxic drugs, you're growing holes in your brain, you get so high, you tried to jump and trust me I feel your pain.
But you're being stupid, drugs are useless, you had a deep love with me before cocaine,
Now the only thing you care about is smoking Mary Jane.
I'm sick and tired of our kid having a dead beat dad, you don't even give a fuck about us, I'm pissed off, I'm mad.
I'm angry at the fact I believed you're little web of lies.
Just fuck you dude. fuck you. I was supposed to be out wife. we were supposed to be married and you stabbed me in the back with a knife.
our family is broken in pieces scattered around.
I wish I could fix you, I wish you would stop, I don't want to see you six feet under ground.

#drugs #adiction #heartbreak
© Amira Rose