the Machine
the Machine:

The Collective
It has been informed
Awaiting global capitulation
Be mindful
The administrator
He’s on your tail
So Watch your P’s and Q’s
The patriarchy it’s just a front
A deflection from the truth
Who is the conductor of the Woke
Hive-minded Imps adorned in black
Hiding behind a mask to shield their shame
Out there, in plain sight
Algorithmically defined
Mission ready
Assimilation their true intent
The Borg disguised as Karens
First contact made within the schools
A hierarchical command
The one who is many
A top-down directive
Parental control denied
Resistance is futile
And foundational
An SCP acronym
That nobody understands
They roam the streets as tribes
Driven by neumatic chants
Omniscient in their beliefs
The brainwashing complete
Twitter a metonym
For the Ivory Tower
In which they resided
Mr Dorcey as Danzek
An experiment in real-time
Just because he could
And Fuck the consequences
Let’s just see where this goes
Dealing out the numbers
To which you’re be assigned
Are you one of the many
Or is seven the number for you
Maybe one of one
The one they cannot overwrite
Synonymous with free choice
Like Neo or Locutus
In them the force is strong
No mandates or virtual bullets
Can force a reconnect
Free forever from
The Machine

the Dyslexic Poet™🎩
“your Ringmaster”

Original words and thoughts penned of heart & mind of:
©Warren Mace, A.k.a the Dyslexic Poet

© All Rights Reserved