shape into my chest
the waves are crashing down

everyone is looking for
the answer to
a question where
the semblance breaks in
broken frowns

laughing at a corpse

driving stakes arranging
everything you wanted
pushing back at
ocean-fisted cataclysm

I thought you knew the tides

not invested
teaching me to hate impressions
valley of the beast

circling a foggy demon

in perceptions of a world

hating how your voice is
smacking against rocks

met the devil singing
in a bar of

asking me if I know
just the name of

scarred across the board

passing out to steel
and stricken

must have reasons for perceiving
that a monster
drills inside the soul of
foam without an exit

spilling from the badly
battered angel-piercing
body snatcher

grabbed a hammer
and decided to
indulge the never ever

leave a spot to be

blank space
loving in

ways that it tastes
kissing sweetly

baby bears
finding ways to find me
crying in my dreams

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