Hey Dad...Why? 1 of 2
My relationship with my father was quite strained,
I don't even remember when we became estranged,
It had its own highs and lows,
One day the relationship had its final blow.

His anger would hit the roof,
His behaviour unpredictable,
The fear I lived in was the proof,
That living with him was unbearable,
Things that were told to me,
The constant bickering and nagging,
Running away from his responsibilities,
Was a classic trait of his,
Everyday struggle it had been,
To make the ends meet,
In jeopardy would have been my dreams,
Hand to mouth we had been living,
Thank goodness for the child labour laws,
Orelse I would have started earning when I was small.

I finally decided to put my foot down,
Years of agony I could take no more,
I was called an ungrateful daughter,
Because I stood up against my father.

If a father is considered to be a hero,
I lived with someone who had no virtue,
I took over the role of the head of the family,
Which to my my father was quite shocking,
But by then I had become very strong,
For I was busy doing his job all alone.

© Polkola

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