Sleep, dear heart,
Like a withered rose at dusk,
Rest your heavy soul,
Like an anchor in the deep.

In your dreams, he holds you,
Like the ocean cradles a shipwreck,
In your dreams, he smiles at you,
Like the sun through a storm's broken clouds.

But sleep, my love, and never wake,
Like a star fading into the morning light,
Sleep , let your tears run dry
Like a river lost in the desert, out of sight.

Sleep until your memories blur,
Like distant echoes in an empty canyon,
Sleep until your longing ceases,
Like a fire dying in the rain.

Sleep like the silent, drifting snow,
Sleep, let all your sorrow go,
For he is but a shadow past,
Sleep, you were never meant to last.

Sleep, my dear, in the deepest gloom,
Sleep, let your heart find its tomb,
For you know he will never come back,
Sleep, my love, and let the world go black.

© NeethalSequeira