I'm stuck in a place unknown
A place I thought I'd never catch myself
Yet here I stand in utter darkness alone
Unfamiliar to my surroundings Unfamiliar to self.
I try to be firm in what I want
Yet I'm stuck in a mindset of lost
I'm trying to see direction but can't
Just darkness and the sizzling feeling of frost
I'm icing out from all reality
Standing on the shore of happiness yet unable to cross
I can't even express myself through creativity
Because from the arts I'm disconnected
How can I write when I have no sense of direction?
The queen of the unknown I've just been elected
I strive to succeed nothing short from perfection
but what's the use if I have no reason for doing it all?
I'm trying to figure it out cut through the grass
But I get tired and in the end I fall
I wish I had a guide maybe I need a class
On how to navigate through life
That can tell me where I go from here
I'm dancing on crashing's knife
Cause I'm stuck in forever fear
I'm scared to take the wheel take control
Where would I even drive?
And if I crash will I atleast get parole?
I have no choice but to go through and hopefully I survive.

#lost #sad #poetry #love #self help

© eve_is_a_poet