Incomplete love....

Two souls staring
deep in each other's eyes ,
Tryna find something to believe in,
Echoes of their plea
to a silent confession.
One still hesitating to look inside,
Other one was afraid to not find
the feeling his heart seeks,
Thus they never spoke out
their feelings and fears.
Due to their own insecurities,
feelings were misunderstood.
She walked away having tears in her eyes.
He stood there left
with unanswered questions,
To ponder on his unrestrained feelings.
Questioning himself.
Was there even something between them
or all along he was the only one
who kept assuming.
Of the things that were never there.
On the other side she thought,
He don't reciprocate her feelings.
Being in one sided love,
She choose to stay out of his sight.
Admiring him from a distance,
like she admires the moon.
Thus the love story that can be blossom
beautifully between them,
never got to bloom.
Now they gloom over,
on their first love being incomplete.
The love that ends even before
beginning!...© joy

Thank you so much everyone 💐
for reading 📖 this ❤....

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