Dandelion Heart
To think that I still miss you much,
my safe haven and my heaven,
the one I felt like I was truly crafted for.

Getting over dandelions, not easy,
pretty flowers can't be erased,
your aroma is a stain in my memory.

I don't think I'm ever getting over us,
and I don't know if that is so bad,
but I swear I can't forget your smile.

Sometimes I wonder if you wonder,
about how I'm doing inside,
if you feel guilty or just stabbed back.

Whatever I say know that I just lied,
because I've never gotten over you,
and your pretty dandelion heart.

Maybe some day I find my solace,
but for now I feel nostalgia,
thinking about how I loved you.

The memories intoxicate my feelings,
overdose my body with sweetness,
and then they stab my whole insides.

© dats_poetry