That Day...!
The more you want a reply from a person, the more they'll keep silent. Write a poem about it.

Mine 🙋🏻‍♀️👉👇

With A Fresh Morning,
With A New Hope,
'That The Next Person To Mine,
Will Answer Me';
I Asked My Question,
With A New Excitement.

Sometimes Later,
My Mother Called Me,
For Having Breakfast.
I Refused And Told,
"I Will, When,
Reply Will Come."

Do You Know Why?
Because The Reply Was,
Very Important To Me.
I Was Waiting Because,
"The Fruit Of Patience,
Is Always Sweet."

Morning Gone,
Afternoon Arrives,
And Guess What?
I Was Still Waiting.

Please Don't Think That,
It Was The Matter Of Love.
I Was Asking My Female Classmate,
For My Next Day,
'Project Submission.'

Afternoon Spent,
Evening Goes,
Night Came.
It Was Feeling Like A,
Adventurous Game.

At Night,
10'o Clock,
The Reply Came,
As I Asked Her,
That Had She Her File Of Project.

By Seeing This,
From Inside,
I Felt So Empty.
As I Was Hungry,
And Thirsty.

Yes, I Could Become,
Angry On Her.
But The Energy In Me,
Was Down Or Over.

No, She Was Not Offline,
The Whole Day.
She Was Looking My Messages,
And Just Ignoring.

And The Lesson,
I Get Was,
'Don't Believe Others'.
The Guilt Was,
My Punishment.

After That Night,
I Didn't Forget This Incident.
When My Hope,
Again Dead In,
An Accident.

© Srishty Bansal