Tick tock goes the clock,
Tick tock, it's time to take stock..

Time is so irrelevant when lost in darkness,
Time seems so acrimonious,
Time doesn't matter when you don't look forward,
Time freezes then unfreezes awkward,
Time is like living out an episode of the Twilight Zone,
Time tells me you don't have to stay but don't go home,
Time reminds me I'm truly alone,
Tick tock remember that day,
Tick tock you choose to look away,
Time I can't get back,
Time no matter where or when I can't bring you back,
Tick tock your heart stopped,
Tick tock another life swapped,
Time when the grim reaper stopped by,
Time took my mom before I got to say goodbye.
Tick tock fuck you clock,
Tick tock now you mock,
Tick tock fuck time,
Tick tock you took my moms lifeline.

#timewaitsfornoone #happymothersday

© Mkirby