The Man of my Dreams!
How will it feel,
when I meet the man of my dreams!

Will he talk to me with his eyes,
wink at me to see me smile.

Will he hug me for no reason,
kiss me with all his passion.

Will he know, when I'm feeling low.
Then move heaven and earth,
to cheer me up.

Will he call me day and night,
just to check if I'm fine.

Will he give away his coat, when the nights are cold.
Take me in his arms, to keep me warm.

Will he cover me, when it's raining.
Put his hand over my head, an umbrella as if.

Will he make the first move after we fight,
and say sorry just to make me feel alright.

Will he have late night conversations with me,
and be worried the next day for I didn't sleep.

Will he cook my favourite cusine,
in the dim light have candlelit dinner with me.

Will he throw me surprises at random,
without waiting for any special occasion.

Will he take care of me, when I'm sick.
Give a glass of warm milk, and cradle me to sleep.

Will he miss me, when he's out of town.
Send me flowers as a reminder, that I'm not forgotten.

Will he take me on vacations or on short trips.
Planning he does, just to surprise me.

Will he listen to a song that reminds him of me,
that becomes our anthem, and together we glee.

Will he take me shopping, even if I have everything,
just because he wants to shower me with
more things.

Will he wipe my tears, when I cry.
Cajole me like a child, atleast he can try.

Will he hold my hand without hesitation,
not release his clutch, in any situation.

Will he drop me home even if it's not too late,
just to spend some more time, at the end of the day.

Will he treat my family and friends with respect and love,
make efforts to know them all,
for they make me whole, and are a part of my little world.

Will he find excuses, to see me everyday.
make a puppy face to persuade me to stay.

Will he make love to me like he owns me.
Sensuous, animalistic, wild.
Whatever he does, I'm his and he is all mine.

Will he comfort me even when I don't need it,
Just to express how much he loves me.

Will this dream, turn into reality!
Come soon you,
I am waiting to be loved and spoilt by thee!

© Polkola

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