Sour ecstasy
Standing at the edge of reality and disbelief,
A disturbed soul shivers deep,
Was tossedand broken on the reef,
She had fallen from grace,
They were pointing condemnatory fingers,
She sighed and cried,
Something within her died,

She really had tried to hold back,
But the temptation would not let her be,
As a sailor is drawn to the siren,
So was she, to this forbidden pleasure,
The allure of the pleasure beckoned,
Dazed, she went to it as if hypnotized,
Moments later, she experienced unexplainable exhilaration,

She basked in the glory of her bliss,
Since her abomination desires had been quenched,
She opened her eyes and guilt hit her hard,
That's when she saw the prying eyes,
And she realized it was over for her,

© muse 254

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