Why people do bad things?
Why do people do bad things? Answer this question by writing a poem.

There can be lots of reasons,
from which we can draw conclusions.

This is the rule of “Kalyug”,
which compels humans to possess a devil attitude.😈

Everyone desires for money, fame and wealth,
pretend to be someone else, like a “stealth”🤫.

For their own sake, they deceive others,
Doesn’t matter, if they are sisters, friends or brothers.👥

Man is running after money blindly,
He doesn’t know that he is betraying himself silently.🗣️

“Karma” is the result of one’s actions,
It keeps a check on every sections.👁️

No one can save himself from the fruit of karma,
Sufferings will chase those who commit “Adharma”.👺
© radhika