Endless Journey Of Dreams
Endless highways of misdirected means,
To walk along the lonely street of dreams,
To live in a world where nothing is as it seems,
And take pursuit of pleasure to extremes...

Melodies of dreams, it whispers in my ears
The false hopes, the ambitions so queer
The eloquent soul of mine, who doesn't fear
Embarked on an endless journey, yet,
Felt the end was near, very very near...

I walked down the endless path of vivid colors,
The feelings, so surreal, as I met other travelers,
I noticed other folks, still, felt lonely deep inside,
I decided to walk away, & set my dreams aside...

With a sudden jolt, I woke up, sweat on my brows
I may have escaped from the gates of false heaven,
Nonetheless, the dreams caused me to rouse,
From my drowsy dreams, where lay my ambitions

It will haunt me till the end..
My dreams will haunt me till my last sleep....

© _NamelessMonster729

#nightmare #ambition #dreams