A silent plea
In shadows deep, I strayed and lied,
In desperate hours, I truly tried,
Tears fell like rain, my soul denied,
A dream I missed, love liquefied.

To live, my purpose, I did forsake,
Self-sabotage, my heart did ache,
A foe within, I did partake,
The chains of doubt, so hard to break.

I loathed this game of inner strife,
Yet, bound, I danced upon the knife,
The ceaseless war, my endless life,
Yearning to be free, from pain, from strife.

Now, weary heart, I seek release,
From tormented thoughts, find peace,
To silence, I long to find release,
Embrace the calm, let worries cease.

In whispers soft, I hear the plea,
To rise above and truly be,
To shed the shackles, set me free,
One with silence, I shall be.

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