I let my anxiety take control,

And, it took the best of me.

It started by inflicting me with doubts,

That I couldn't see the lights the world had to offer,

Because, I only saw myself wallowing in my unforgivable insecurities.

My anxiety tore me into pieces,

And, I couldn't believe the truthful words.

All I heard was heartfelt lies,

That sounded really believable to ignore,

I was punctured to the core,

And, I let their venom slither and bore infinite holes.

My anxiety shattered me completely,

And, I didn't know love was true.

Love stood right in front of me,

It professed its undying affections,

Merriments , but

I still couldn't believe,

Because, my doubts were stronger than the supposed affections.

This anxiety knocked me to the curb,

And, I was as hopeless as my screeching insecurities.

I drowned in my anxieties,

Which left me cold to the bones,

Drenched to my soul, and

I couldn't reassure myself anymore.

My anxiety left me with no feelings,

So, there was no hope of healing.

~ Nusrah 💎

© nusrah_writes