777 Swastika Ave ( Freestyle )
There's a place where good fellows go
A place where there's freedom from violence
Freedom from pain
And freedom from misery
The Buddha and his followers are surrounding the chimney meditating
The Light is shining bright upon everyone there
Showing multiple colors and creations
While Yesuha and all the his followers are reading and following Elohim's rules
In order to get there one must go through some hardship and ordeal
And he must prevail
One must break away from the temptation of his flesh
One must know pain
And Destruction
And violence
But would still have enough faith to endure
This place is called Purity Hotel
And the address is 777 Swastika Ave
This place is the reason I'm trying my best to do good but there are times I will sin

This is the final poem from the Poetic Acid Trip Album

© C.D.Young2002