Whats Next?
“Whats next?” This is a question all humans are constantly asking themselves, we ask ourselves “what really happens when we die”, “what do I want to do with my life”, “what do I want to do tomorrow” and I think this is our biggest fault. I feel as if we were to stop worrying about whats next and we would just enjoy the now more us as a race would be happier for example if a person is scared its because they’re in fear of whats going to happen “next” and if only that same person were to stop and think at least now im okay and when the time comes whatever outcome happens happens this is a double sided statement tho because if a person were to fear for their safety there may not be a be a next so then I would say stop and think about how your actions in the past could get you out of this and or do what you have knowledge on, as one might see I am bot the most optimistic and or the biggest fan of guessing but I like to think to have knowledge is not to be able to do what you think might be right , I think knowledge is looking into the past and using your past experiences to come to a conclusion on how you can turn a unknown situation into something you are familiar with. This same claim makes me believe that fear of death is a irrelevant thing because if you only were to think when it comes that time there is no past knowledge so therefore there is nothing to fear because you dont know for sure how anything will play out and or end.
© Joshua Parks