Real is Rare
"Real is rare
and fake is everywhere.."
So I sit alone on the outside and stare
watching reality in real time saying this ain't fair.
I've could have done a lot more like become mayor
But there are tons of people that would rather see me in the electric chair.
I don't understand. There's so much. Why can't we share?
I ask all the questions but I only get dumb answers while my eyes open wide and glare.
Pondering this world we live in.
Why do so many want me to give in?
I just watch them while sippin.
I had enough of this bullshit. I can hear them say, " I think he's tripping."
"No he's a fancy boy skipping."
I'm coming with my long stocking and I ain't Pippin.
I mean long hand. Yup I'm taking mine back because I'm tired of these fucked up clothes that ain't fitting.
Tired and of people spitting.
Tired of saying I'll go missing.
Tired of the teeth kissing.
Tired of the finger crossing and hissing.
Tired of getting people dissing.
I ain't got a pot to piss in.
I can't even eat my food right with worrying that there's parasites.
Heat is gonna make me.explode I'm the air and start a dog fight.
My bark is bad but wait till you feel my bite.
I've ducked and weaved for this long now you are in my sight.

I'm coming.

© venkatjamespersaud