haven’t been writin love poems

I haven’t been writin love poems
I’ve not written one in a while
And it’s okay
Cos there are other topics I
Should write anyway….

Love can wait
Love can wait sooner
It’s no rush, i come back to that subject
Later on….

Yes I miss writin about love
I miss writin about real romance between the two….

I used to pen quixotic thoughts down
On paper everyday just to daydream…
To make an excuse for thinkin about my dream man
There’s nothin wrong with inkin love letters
Even though he doesn’t exist…,

I’m still hopeful and hopeless romantic
Fantasizin a sweet relationship between us
Holdin hands kissin lovemakin…

Oh what do I know about that?

Here I am now,
I’m writin about love
I’m typin another love poem that will continue to
Inspire the romantics out there….

💯🫶🏾♥️🍭🧸©️ Kai C. 5-29-24

© Kai C..