Falling leaves
Falling leaves twirl and sway,
Dancing their graceful ballet,
Golden hues against the sky,
Whispering secrets as they fly.

Each leaf a story to tell,
Of summer's end, of winter's knell,
Fluttering down from branches high,
A gentle, elegant goodbye.

Rustling softly as they land,
Creating a carpet, nature's hand,
A symphony of colors bright,
A fleeting glimpse of autumn's light.

In their descent, a quiet grace,
An emblem of life's fleeting pace,
A reminder of cycles and change,
In every leaf, a beauty arranged.

So let them fall, let them flow,
In their dance, a silent show,
Falling leaves, a transient art,
A masterpiece from nature's heart.

© All Rights Reserved By Poetic Psycho✍️