Everything comes to light.💡
Feeling my old self returning, I isolate.
“I never said I’d back down.”
I’ve had to many things happen to me, against me, for reasons I don’t know.
envy? Jealousy?
for what?
My point is is;
“If you hide stuff from me, I’m figure it out.”
“Your motives have been figured out.”

I’ve had this gut feeling, every dream I have had has made perfect sense.

That catty BS,
“I wish I had that.”
BS your running out your mouth.
talking about my relationship.
“I see it.”
You can project on me,
it doesn’t work.
“You are not destroying my future.”
“karma catches up.”

“You got caught red handed sending physic attacks.”
“I caught ya.”🏹
“You hide shit I’ll figure out, I leave.
Everything comes to the light, it doesn’t matter.
I am aimed to grow as person.
you think hiding is clever?
I have six sense,
“Your a Fool if you think I wouldn’t figure it out.”
There is 7 of you,
One of me,
“I’ve taken on more then 7.”
“think about it!
before you make your next move.
“I am more then capable of shutting that shit down.”
Don’t fuck with authentic.
—Madyson 🏹

© MadysonWilsonsWritings