Baby Blue
Her lace fronts insinuate
there's another day up,
We've been arguing for
the past few months,

Skipping the bull crap,
Indulging the money
like Mr. Krabs,
And until the
day comes,
I'll still be
stuck in her guts
like that uneasy feeling,
Hopefully, she does not
hate my guts.

Still fond of you,
baby blue,
Torn, not shrewd,
You I can't lose,
This vacancy
in my heart,
Isn't worth
the abuse.

Morals become
our dispositions,
I see that you try,
but it's easier
to blame you,
All your efforts
I shove
them to the side
like bad news,
Unending lies.
Friends of old
came to visit us,
In this broken
studio apartment,
Unending ties.

And if you decide to stray,
I will try to not hate you,
And give you your way.

But please, find your way
to happiness in
your final chapter,
with or without me.
My heart will
always be with you,
baby blue.

© .🌹.