Mother: a sweet nector
In the quiet dawn of morning's light,
A mother's love is pure and bright.
With gentle hands, she shapes our days,
Guiding us through life's winding maze.

Her whispers calm our deepest fears,
Her laughter wipes away our tears.
She stands as steadfast as the sea,
A beacon of eternity.

Her heart is where our dreams take flight,
A constant source of warm delight.
Through trials, joys, and times of strife,
She is the thread that weaves our life.

Her wisdom in each word she speaks,
Gives strength when we are feeling weak.
Her sacrifice, a silent song,
Reminds us where our hearts belong.

For in her love, we find our home,
No matter where our feet may roam.
A mother's gift, so freely given,
A touch of grace, a glimpse of heaven.