Good deceit
At night when I lay in bed,
As I drift towards my sleep,
When the eye becomes shadowy red,
My slumber has begun deep,
It becomes difficult for me to distinguish,
Between my dreams and reality,
All my fears suddenly vanquish,
All I feel now is 'safety'
Then I remember your smile,
Watching you as you beguile...
Me into loving you.
I know what I'm feeling is true.
I have been charmed,
Now I'm enthralled,
Oh dear, my beloved,
I kind of feel enslaved,
But, if this is slavery,
I love it so dearly.
when the shadows of fear is casted,
And I start to feel frightened,
And when your love is sighted,
Again, I feel accepted.
Magic love
Soft clove
Yellow dove
impossible love
© All Rights Reserved
Abdul-Qadir Abdul-Mumin