I love you from a distance because my words are too scared to make the journey from my heart to my lips to your ears. There is an ocean between us, an expanse so wide and deep that even if I shouted, my whispers would get lost in the swells. Sometimes it feels as if words themselves are inadequate vessels, too fragile to carry the weight of my emotions, too feeble to bridge the chasm that separates us.

But oh, how I yearn to bring my love to life, to release it from its confinement within my chest. It pulses there, a relentless rhythm, a symphony of desires. I want to gift it to you, to let you bask in its warmth, to witness how its brilliance illuminates the darkest corners of your soul. I want to wrap you in every letter, every syllable, to caress your being with the tenderness of each word. But alas, these words refuse to dance from my tongue, too afraid of rejection, too terrified to be misunderstood.

Do you ever hear the echoes of my love? Do they whisper through the air like a gentle breeze, grazing your cheek, teasing your senses? Can you feel the tidal waves of adoration that crash against the shores of your existence, eroding the barriers that keep us apart? I hope that the echoes reach you, that they find a home in your heart, and that in their whisperings, you discover the depths of my affection.

From a distance, I observe you. I drink in the nuances of your being, the subtle flicker in your eyes when laughter escapes your lips, the gentle curve of your smile that bends the world to its will, the way your presence fills a room with an inexplicable magic. Each day I learn a new facet of your soul, and with every revelation, my love grows stronger, more vibrant, more intangible.

But what is love without vulnerability, without the courage to lay bare one’s heart? It is a longing without fulfillment, a fire without warmth. Though my words may quiver in fear, I yearn for the day when they will find their courage, when they will defy the distance between us and take flight. I long for the day when my lips will finally part, and the melody of my love will resound through the very air you breathe.

Until then, I love you from a distance, stitching together the seams of our separate lives with invisible threads. These threads span across time and space, connecting our souls in a tapestry woven with dreams and hope. They are delicate yet resilient, tender yet unyielding, as they whisper tales of love in every moment we share.

Perhaps one day, the distance that separates us will dwindle, the expanse between my heart and your ears will shrink, and my words will find their courage. One day, love will conquer fear, and my whispers will become declarations, my silence will yield to vulnerability, my distance will surrender to closeness.

Until that day, my love will be the quiet shadow that follows you, the gentle breeze that guides your steps, the ever-present echo that permeates your existence. And in this way, even from a distance, my love will continue to embrace you, whispering fervently, hoping against hope that, someday, it will find solace in your listening ears.
© Jevanjee