In flames of desire, passions ignite,
A scorching inferno, consuming night.
White-hot embers, stoking deep within,
Lust's siren song, a tempting violin.

Oh, Cupid’s arrow, sweet and poignant sting,
Thou art the puppeteer, love's tendrils cling.
Enchanting vixen, thy charms softly sway,
Surrendering all, to you, I shall obey.

With ardor unending, bodies entwined,
Melting as one, lost in pleasures confined.
Your lips, as nectar, intoxicating sips,
A dance with lust, enthralling as it grips.

Oh, tender caress, thy touch like silken lace,
An exquisite torment, hearts begin to race.
Eyes locked, souls entangled, passions ablaze,
In this molten paradise, no rules amaze.

Upon thy sacred altar, desires unfold,
Pure ecstasy, thy secrets I behold.
No whispered taboo dares to hinder us,
Explosions of pleasure, shamelessly thrust.

Thy arching back, a testament of bliss,
Bodies synchronize, a ballet of pure kiss.
In this divine climax, we claim our throne,
Passion's domain, where only pleasure’s known.

But alas, my love, as dawn stirs the sky,
A requiem played, a bittersweet goodbye.
Yet the flames of passion stained in our wake,
Will forever burn, until our next tryst we make.

Oh, lust divine, thou art a potent potion,
A tender torment, boundless in devotion.
In your embrace, I find my truest might,
A sonnet to desire, a dance with pure delight.
© ideenreich