Mental Health
Waking up still not well, everyday in my head is a living hell.

Had enough and want to die, people telling me it will get better is a lie.

Trust no one not even yourself, I do not care about my health.

Medication is a mask not any kind of cure, I'm not taking it any more.

Constantly battling what's in my head, all I can do is stay in bed.

Not doing anything to keep me well, as all I want to do is die and I will go to hell.

Living is torture and not something I want to do, no matter what is said and by who.

My future life is none existent, the voices in my head are always persistent.

I know death can't be any worse than living, I hope those around me can be forgiving.

I know when, where and how to die, I guess all that's left to say is goodbye.
Belinda Manton
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