Fighter Bulls
Fighter Bulls
(Based on the West Asian conflict)

Hey, is there anyone to tether
these blind fighter bulls?
They are nourished by the toxic feeds
served by the warmongers!
They got mad by the flowing
river of red blood!

They celebrate
by missile and bomb blasts !
Shattering flesh and bood turn
the ground into a sticky ditch!

They will sow seeds of hatred in this
blood drenched fields,
And manure them and raise them
as the cursed crop of human pain!

This stroke of violence spread
in the land where religions taught non-violence!
Non-violence has evolved as the
killer thirst of moderm life!

You don't recite hymnes to catalyse them.
Please don't force them to fight!
There is no variation in the blood of
Hindu, Christian, Muslim or Jew!

We don't want victory won with blood
Tether these fighting bulls,
Castrate, nose string and yoke them to plough this battle field
And raise the crop of peace!

© Rajendran Thriveni