From start- finish 💞😇🌓🌚🌝🌌🌃☄️⌛
"This is it where the end now draws to close & comes to peak with the start of time,
& I see it here at the alignment of galaxies where those stars surley do now aline,
from the beginning to the end,
around back & forth yet again,
now we know that we have measured with the elite & are moving at the speed of light,
woah how the universe is so dark filled with the bright,
it is the year of the 4000's but I tend to feel a familiar vibrant among these cities that I fly,
& while some do soar I keep passing time on & on by,
like that of one's dream or creative imagination in which I journey through,
it has become the final round for us all & I hope not to face the waterloo,
but here we are once again in the same mission just another life or round,
facing the same entity who is my lover also enemy to you I've stayed bound,
& this deja vu now I manage to see clear,
as for all this time filled through space it has and always will just be between me and you dear!"

© 13