I watched from the bell tower
In your state of undress
The pentagram around your throat
On a choker as if it was taking your breath
The knife of cold steel
You carried in bare knuckles hands
As I watched you slice your flesh
To leave this awful land
You cried lord forgive me
For this immortal sin
But the wretchedness of this world
I can not hold within
It's cold and I' am lonely
And have no love to give
And therefor my lord
I have no will to live
As the blood dripped
I called out your name
But you couldn't hear me
My words rang out in vain
The crimson tide covered the floor
Your lifeless eyes just staring
Heart beating no more
And yet I could see through
The stained art glass
As the final breath left you
Upon this life you had lost your clasp
© Valhalla bound