Night And Me
Night has always been
My comfort place
The darkness and
The quietness
Which are eerie for many
Gives me a soothing feeling
As if this is where I belong
As if it is my own
It is my escape zone
Escaping from being judged, the pretense,
The lies, the questions
Why? How could you? Why not?
So on and so forth
Escaping from the expectations
Expectations of being a perfect mother,
Wife, daughter, sister, friend
Expectations of having
Perfect attitude, behavior, actions
It is a place, a time when I can be just me
Spend time doing what I want to or even
Not doing anything, just lying down,
Pondering, wondering, contemplating
I can cry my heart out and not be conscious
Night is the place
Which gives me solace
It is at night that I meet the one person
Who is closest to me and yet so far
I meet the girl who I was once
I meet the person who I am now
I meet the person who I want to be
When I am done with spending my me time
When I am too tired to do anything more
The night sings lullaby and cradles me to sleep
To night I am grateful for giving me the space I need
For letting me just be me

© agypsysoul

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