The Final Frontier
Or is it
How do we know
I am
A magical mystery tour
What's on the other side
Enlightenment and awakening
A question
For all the answers
Life in reverse
Reincarnation or Samsara
Take your pick
What would you wish
Fourteen plus forty-two
Everything now making sense
Why shouldn’t it
Joy found in the release
I crossed over
The darkness beckoning in the light
Both are nothing without The other
How else to delineate
The seeing is realised
A vision in karmic reality
Are we on the same path
No need for earthly constructs
On the other side of life as we know it
All comers all of the time everywhere
Freedom inbound
And unrestricted
By mere mortal cognisance
Confined by selfies on Instagram
And neoliberals in limousines
Narcissism no longer a byword
Free now to inhabit the universe
In your true spiritual form
Dharma a universal law
A higher existence
No need of purpose
To be is to be
Here I am, everything always
Limitless in the presence
Of no limits
Boundaries there are none
In the trueness of death
The alter ego is no longer hidden
Only the pureness
Of all things exists

the Dyslexic Poet™🎩
“your Ringmaster”

Original words and thoughts penned of heart & mind of:
©Warren Mace, A.k.a the Dyslexic Poet™ ✍️

© All Rights Reserved