Under the sunset sky,
is my one-of-a-kind girl.
The world passes her by,
but for her I'll stop the world.

A song only my heart can sing,
a beauty only my eyes can admire.
In her eyes are the hues of the sky,
in mine are the fires I feel inside.

Wandering the gardens of Eden,
roses blossoming in her wake.
A glance sends me into overdrive,
my emotions begin to quake.

So close yet so, so far,
only a blissful dream away.
Come the morning light,
heartbroken to start the day.

Butterflies in my stomach,
she fills my hollow heart.
I burn away on the inside,
the longer we are apart.

Singing like a nightingale,
when the sun begins to rise.
The sparkles in her eyes
fill my heart with fireflies.

© Mustafa Khan 2007