Ghetto Girl
Ghetto Girl

In the heart of the city, where hustle's the game,
There shines a diamond, the ghetto girl's name.
Born from adversity, she's wise beyond years,
A fighter, a dreamer, who's conquered her fears.
With streets as her stage, she dances with grace,
A rhythm in her soul, a smile on her face.
In her eyes, you'll find a fire burning bright,
Defying the odds, her spirit taking flight.
Her style is bold, a fashion so unique,
From thrift store treasures to shoes on her feet.
Her clothes tell a story of struggle and pride,
A symbol of resilience she cannot hide.
She walks with a swagger, confidence untamed,
Her voice like a melody, her words unrestrained.
With every syllable, she paints a vivid scene,
Portraying her reality, her hopes and her dreams.
Her days are a battle, but she never retreats,
A survivor, a warrior, she can't be defeated.
Through hardships and setbacks, she rises above,
Her determination fueled by a heart full of love.
In her community, she's a guiding light,
Helping others see the beauty in their fight.
She spreads positivity, a beacon of hope,
Inspiring others to rise and cope.
Though some may judge her by the light of day,
They fail to see the strength that's on display.
For within this ghetto girl, there lies a power so true,
A force to be reckoned with, a spirit that grew.
So let us celebrate the ghetto girl's grace,
Her resilience, her spirit, her captivating pace.
For she is a symbol of strength and defiance,
A resounding echo of hope and reliance.
© Oyama Sibidla ™